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Y4 Visit to Dorchester Museum - Ash Class

I had the privilege of attending a school trip with Ash class during my very first week at Conifers. This was a special treat indeed! We were welcomed by knowledgeable and experienced tutors who led some fantastic workshops. 

Firstly, my group were taken on a tour of the museum’s exhibitions, examining real Roman artefacts first hand, learning about what Dorchester looked like during the Roman times and standing on an actual Roman road. After this, we were granted permission to dig through a couple of Roman graves (thankfully not real ones!) We found many different real artefacts and then used our knowledge to identify which grave was that of a rich person and which was an ordinary citizen.

Our morning workshop sessions finished with a fashion parade of clothes from the Roman era, each denoting your status and rank. We also heard all about how to make a tasty fish paste preservative…yum!

Appropriately, after this we had lunch in the Victorian Hall, following which we were taken through Dorchester to the original Roman Town House and given a tour. The mosaic floors were a real sight to behold. The whole day was a wonderful opportunity for the class to share their new found Roman knowledge and build upon it through the activities on offer. It was a superb trip and every member of the class was a credit to Conifers School. Well done Ash Class!


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