The Governors of

Conifers Primary School

Who are we and what do we do?

Dorothy Woods:        Chair of Governors, Mentor to New Governors. Pupil Premium, Inclusion                                          and Assessment Link Governor.

Angela Matthews:     Mentor to New Governors and English Link Governor.

Steve Dewey:             Finance and Performance Management Governor. Maths Link Governor.

Julie Crane:               Administration Support and Health and Safety Governor.

Rebecca Fuller:         Vice Chair of GovernorsEarly Years and Key Stage One Link Governor.

Samantha Stevens:   Science Link Governor


Donna Newport:        Staff Governor. Attendance, Thrive leader and Behaviour Governor.

Tracey Hodder           Safeguarding & Creative Curriculum Link Governor


Andrew Johnson:     Headteacher.


Ellie Doyle:                Clerk to the Governors


No member of the Governing Body has any business or financial interest in the school at this time.

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Every school in the country has Governors who operate and make decisions as a group to help set and agree the aims and objectives for the school. We also monitor the progress the school is making and support and challenge the Head Teacher and staff to ensure the best education for the children at the school.

We are not involved with the day to day running of the school, that is the job of the Head Teacher and staff.



We work together as a Full Governing Body meeting together monthly to look at all aspects of school life including Safeguarding and Child Protection, pupils in receipt of Pupil Premium, Inclusion/Pupils with Special Educational Needs, Finance, Health and Safety, the Curriculum and Attendance.



The governors also have a Link responsibility in school for which we make link visits so we can build an effective working relationship with staff and have a better understanding of how teachers work and children learn.  Our findings help us to make judgements about progress being made towards the school priorities and targets in the School Development Plan.  It helps us to recognise success and celebrate the efforts and success of pupils and staff and to identify areas for development.  It also helps governors to develop a positive link with staff and pupils to maintain a visible profile in the school.  Visits are not about making judgements on the quality of teaching or checking individual children’s progress, but to be a source of support and a critical friend of the school.  At present we have link Governors for English, Maths, Assessment, Foundation Stage, Inclusion/SEND, Safeguarding and Child Protection.


If you would like to know more about any of the above, please let us know by contacting the School Office. We will be only too happy to have a chat with you.