Conifers Team Days

Once each half term the children swap classrooms in order to mix and work on challenges with different aged children throughout the school.

14 Nov 2019

For the first Team Day of this academic year we took inspiration from the fact that the indigenous peoples of America celebrate their tradition, cultures and history at this time of year. The children made totem poles, dream catchers, and designed tribal tattoos as a part of our Team Day. They also shared the old Cherokee legend of the Two Wolves and discussed the feelings which battle inside of them. 

All the children seemed to really enjoy our first Team Day event of this academic year. 

20 Dec 2018

This half term our team day was based around our twin school Katharaka in Kenya. We learned all about African Christmas, looking at the animals and art of Kenya. No Christmas team day would happen without a sing along and throughout the corridors of Conifers our best Christmas voices rang out! Zimbabwe Zumba was popular among the children and teachers as they grooved their way towards the Christmas holidays. 

12 Sep 2018

Long long ago, in a galaxy far, far away.... no not really! Way back in the mists of time at the end of summer term the children enjoyed a Global Citizenship/ Rights Respecting Schools Team Day. The children explored some of the UNICEF Rights of the child articles. The fun learning day was based around Conifer's links to Kathraka, our twin school in Kenya. We looked at how the rights of the child are for every child all over the world. The children had lots of fun making different craft items t...

19 Jun 2018

Last half term's team day was based on the month long fast, Ramadan. We are very proud of our pupils who tried out their first Ramadan this year and wish all those fasting during Ramadan "Eid Mubarak!" We had lots of fun creating Ramadan crafts and all pupils enjoyed changing classes to mix with children of all ages. 

15 May 2018

Our last Team Day at Conifers was truly terrific. We emulated the style of Athony Gormley, creating a collaborative piece of art reflecting our sense of community and our place within this as individuals. All of our work, as always, was based on the five British values : democracy, law, tolerance, mutual respect and individual liberty. We are now gearing up for our next Team Day which will be based on the month of Ramadan with reference to our British values.

6 Mar 2018

Our last team day at Conifers took place on the 8th February and was a huge success with all the children learning about Chinese New Year. The children also learnt about the British values of "Individual Liberty," "Mutual Respect" and "Tolerance."

As usual the children swapped classrooms in order to mix with different aged children throughout the school. They had the opportunity to make Chinese fans, Chinese lanterns and Chinese dragons.

5 Dec 2017

All at Conifers enjoyed our British Values Christmas Team Day. We learned about, mutual respect, tolerance, the rule of law, democracy and individual liberty alongside having lots of Christmas fun!

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