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Future Aspirations

At Conifers we want every child to have high aspirations for their future. We aim to provide opportunities for all of the children to explore their goals and future careers in the form of career days, engaging with Primary Futures projects and challenging gender stereotypes in the workplace. 


We hold career days every term to allow the children to meet different people who hold a variety of roles in the community. Previously, we have been lucky enough to have had volunteers from; The RNLI, the fire brigade, the navy, robotics engineers and many more. 


Conifers is also part of the Primary Futures project, linking schools with volunteers from different places in the UK. We have had virtual talks from opticians, a facebook engineer, vets and many more. We also deliver lessons from the Primary Futures framework, including challenging gender stereotypes, NHS careers, inspiring women and entrepreneurship.




The children of Conifers Primary School took part in a Careers Day where they were able to meet people from a variety of career paths. This ranged from the fire service to a veterinary nurse, from a musician to a lawyer and a fitness instructor to a hair stylist. The children were able to fulfill their curiosity by asking questions and be inspired to what their future could be. A massive thank you to all our parent helpers, volunteers and college links. It was a wonderful day, enjoyed by all. 

Autumn Term 2021 Careers Day

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