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Educational Visits

Safely managed educational visits with a clear purpose are an indispensable part of a broad and balanced curriculum. They are an opportunity to extend the learning of all pupils, including an enrichment of their understanding of themselves, others and the world around them.  They can be a catalyst for improved personal performance, promote a lifetime interest and in some cases lead to professional fulfilment.

Educational Visits and Learning Outside the Classroom (LOTC) is embedded into our Creative Curriculum through carefully planned topics in each year group. At Conifers we are a Thrive School and we value the importance of nurturing each child’s emotional development and LOTC is one of the ways this happens. Educational visits are expected to happen in every year group at least once a term.

In addition, Conifers holds two residentials for Year 6 and Year 4.


Year 6 spend a week at the River Dart Country Park, taking part in a variety of Outdoor and Adventurous Activities, which extend the children’s experiences further.


Year 4 spend two nights away at Hooke Court, taking part in bushcraft, field studies and topic activities.


Both residential visits form a vital part of each child’s development at Conifers, as we ensure they are inspired and achieve.

Educational Visits List (click to view)

Hooke Court
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