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Conifers - A Thrive School

A positive school experience needs to be based on positive relationships.  Positive

relationships are at the heart of THRIVE and THRIVE is integral to the ethos of our school.


Conifers Primary is a THRIVE School and a Rights Respecting School. This means we put the rights of the child at the heart of everything we do and support the social and emotional development of every child using the THRIVE approach across the whole school, whilst supporting some children, directly within our discrete THRIVE Base. We create a welcoming, safe and caring environment, where all positive relationships are based on mutual kindness, trust and respect. Our Learning Charter underpins all that we do. Children and staff alike THRIVE by Listening,  Engaging, Asking questions, Responding and Never giving up.


How THRIVE is integral to every part of Conifers, can be seen in this diagram showing how different policy and practice in the school is linked to THRIVE.

The THRIVE approach is split between 3 waves of provision.  Provision in each wave is outlined in this provision map.

Conifers Thrive Base Page
(click here for more information on our own Thrive Base)
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