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Year 1 - Impact Day

EYFS and KS1


In the Early Years and Key Stage 1 the children follow the Letters and

Sounds Scheme for phonics, which is a synthetic phonics program.

It contains materials that concentrate on activities to promote speaking

and listening skills, phonological awareness and oral blending.



Assessment for Learning across Conifers Primary School


At Conifers Primary School we recognise that resilience is essential for success in life, and in school. This culture is held at the heart of Conifers and is therefore interwoven into everything we do. As a school we regularly discuss what it means to be a good learner and work hard to foster an environment where children develop a love of learning, where they value effort and persist in the face of obstacles. Children are specifically taught the importance of challenge and the skills associated with learning such as asking questions, responding to ideas and taking risks.


Talking Partners are used throughout the school as it is proven that learning takes place through dialogue. We encourage children to listen to each other, share ideas, consider alternative viewpoints and to help each other reach a common understanding. Our aim is to encourage children to take ownership of their own learning journey and to enable them to reflect upon where they are now and where they want to be in the future. Assessment for Learning is used consistently throughout the school and children are encouraged to reflect and respond upon their learning and the comments of teachers and peers.


We strive to enable our children to become ‘Growth Learners’ who are flexible, adaptable and able to take on the challenges that life holds them. 

“You have only failed if you have given up. Until then, it’s learning.”
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