Conifers Thrive Base

The THRIVE base is a small nurture base intervention for the children in our school who need additional help with their social and emotional needs.  The THRIVE base is a short term intervention.  The children in the base have a balance of curriculum work and THRIVE intervention using the ‘THRIVE Approach’.  This includes using the THRIVE online assessment and development tool to create individual action plans.


The aim of the THRIVE base is to provide a therapeutic teaching and intervention programme to support children with their social and emotional difficulties.  The base is managed and led by a trained THRIVE Licensed Practitioner and additional support staff.

Thrive Room Staff 2021 - 2022

Donna Newport (THRIVE Licensed Practitioner)

Julia Evans (Thrive Base Teacher)

Kim Chapman (THRIVE Base Lead - currently on maternity Leave)

Lyndsey Stavrianos (Thrive Support Assistant)


A day in the THRIVE base


The children are welcomed every morning into the base by the THRIVE base staff and the adults and children sit together to have breakfast.  The day is then organised around learning tasks, sensory breaks, social experiences and activities linked to their individual THRIVE action plans.  The learning tasks are planned weekly around a topic theme which also incorporates Maths and English work.



The children’s social and emotional development is assessed using the THRIVE online assessment tool.  Children have a baseline assessment on entry to the base and then ongoing every half term. 


The children’s assessment of learning is in line with the whole school assessment policy and updated each half term through a review meeting between THRIVE base staff and the class teacher.


Attendance and exclusion data is also collected each half term and monitored.



Parent/Carer Involvement


Parents and carers are encouraged to have daily contact with THRIVE base.  Parents and carers are also invited to attend a weekly activity afternoon to engage in play and fun learning activities with their child.


THRIVE base staff attend the school parent’s evenings with the class teacher to discuss progress and targets and a THRIVE report forms part of the whole school report at the end of the academic year.

Thrive Base Newsletters and Topic Plans:

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