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RRS - Rights Respecting School

Conifers Primary School is dedicated to becoming a Rights Respecting School.


The school has introduced charters that can be referred to in differing situations. These charters set out the children's rights according to the UNCRC along with their responsibilities so that other childrens rights are considered.


There are currently three Charters:



As well as charters it is important for the pupils opinions to be heard. As a result of this Conifers Primary School has created a Pupil Voice comittee. This ensures that the pupils opinions are heard and that they have input into decisions that will affect them (Article 12 : UNCRC).

“All of the staff at Conifers Primary School are constantly reminding children about their rights and the rights respecting actions that they need to follow to make sure that everyone (under the age of 18) get their rights. We are proud to be a level 1 RRS school, and are hoping to achieve the level 2 award in the near future. 

In the Pupil Voice Group we discuss ways to improve our school where we are involved in decisions made.  We have started a ‘buddy system’ this year at playtimes.  We wear a hat and florescent jacket so children can see us on the playground and we support them to make the right choices so that everyone can have a fun playtime.”


RRS Ambassadors and members of the Pupil Voice Group

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