Y2 Visit Marwell Zoo

Year 2 enjoyed their trip to Marwell Zoo. Firstly, the double decker coach created much excitement as the children all wanted to sit up high! Once we arrived at the zoo the children enjoyed seeing the penguins. One little penguin decided to give us a little show and he was swimming back and forth and on his side - the children loved this! The children saw the giraffes and asked the zookeeper lots of questions. They had a fantastic day and all children were a credit to our school.

Conifers Whole School Roots to Food Day

The whole school enjoyed a day of healthy cooking from Roots to Food. KS2 enjoyed a morning watching a ‘ready steady cook’ competition between Miss Jones and Mr Lyon. Each team cooked two dishes: a fish cake with pasta pesto and a coronation chicken curry. Some lucky children were able to taste each dish with the green team who cooked the coronation chicken crowned the winners!

Y2 Roots to Food

The children thoroughly enjoyed learning about what makes a healthy meal. They used healthy ingredients to make a pizza - wholemeal pitta bread, vegetables and some cheese.

Y3 Make Kenyan Fruit Kebabs

Year 3 enjoyed creating some Kenyan fruit kebabs yesterday afternoon, as part of their topic and DT cooking curriculum. The children were able to try pineapple, mango, melon as well as apples and bananas. After we made the kebabs, the children valued their taste, appearance and texture!

Marvellous Mountains - Topic Finale

On 13th February 2020, Year 4 visited Rockburn Ltd in Bridport. We had a go at indoor bouldering with two instructors. They showed us how to climb safely and how to move over the different challenges on the walls.

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