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Spring Term 2023 Attendance Awards

59 children earned their bronze 100% attendance badge for 100% during the spring term.

24 children have earned their silver 100% attendance badge for 100% since September 2022.

All children with attendance of 97% or more were entered into 

the Golden Tombola. One lucky Year 3 child won the Family Cinema ticket.

Golden Star
Golden Star

Stars of the Week

Star Readers

Yr 2 - Archie A

Yr 4 - India & Jesse-Blu

Yr5 - Logan & Daisy May

Star Writers

Yr 2 - Poppy

Yr 4 - Seth & Drew

Yr 5 - Jessica

Star Mathematicians

Yr 2 - Lexi - Rose

Yr 4 - Jake & Selene

Yr 5 - Henrique


Yr 2 - Zameera

Yr 4 - Kaiden, Nikita,

Leon & Daniel

Y5 - Tyreece & Isla

Golden Star
Golden Star




              'Reading Warrior'


Congratulations to Redwood on winning the 'Reading Warrior' competition.  Their class had read the most in the whole school last term and therefore were able to unlock the prize in the chest.  They are yet to spend their £100 gift voucher.

Your Year Pages Including
Interactive Games!

Welcome to Conifers Primary School!

On behalf of myself, the governors, staff and pupils

I would like to welcome you to our website.

Conifers Primary is a

Rights Respecting School and a THRIVE school – which means our ethos is driven by putting the rights of the child at the heart of everything we do and everything we do is based around supporting the social and emotional development of every child using the THRIVE approach.  We are committed to improving

the children’s well-being

and nurturing their abilities, to ensure every one of our pupils flourishes.  

At Conifers Primary, we create a welcoming, safe and caring environment,

where all relationships are based on mutual kindness, trust and respect.

Through our commitment

to inclusion and diversity,

we aim to create a culture

for staff, children, families

and visitors that respects

and values people’s differences and ensures individuals are treated equitably, specific to their needs; including race,

gender, disability, religion, sexual orientation and age. 

Our children have access

to a rich and diverse curriculum with numerous opportunities to Learn

Outside the Classroom.

We ensure that the children leave knowing that they are the best learners they could


possibly be and have reached their full potential ready for

their next steps in life.

They are taught by Quality First teachers who are not only reflective, but ambitious for all children to have the best immediate and future life-long learning experiences and opportunities. 

Our Learning Charter underpins all that we do. Pupils and staff alike thrive by 



Asking questions, 

Responding and

Never giving up.

I hope you find our website informative and useful. It should provide you with a convenient reference point. What it is not able to do, is provide you with that all important 'feeling' that our school generates. So please, do take the time to visit and experience first hand what it is we are doing to prepare your child for a world full of adventure, diversity, challenge and change.


Mr Andrew Johnson


Conifers Sings The National Anthem for The King's Coronation
(click to watch the video)

Click here to take a tour of our new improved library.

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Recent posts from our School Blog  

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If you would like a paper copy of any document on our website
please contact the school office.
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Hi, I'm Conrad,

come and see our

virtual tour of the school

Conifers School Charter
We are a rights repecting school
We are kind and polite,
we respect one another
and treat everyone fairly,
At Conifers we...
Ask Questions
Never give up


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