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Yr 5 Human Reproduction & Relationships

Dear Parent/Carer,

Sessions on Human Reproduction & Relationships

As part of the school’s Science and Jigsaw programme your child is soon to receive lessons

on human reproduction, sexual health, relationships and puberty, which will include videos

from the BBC Sex & Relationships Education DVD/ BBC Growing Up DVD/ Channel 4 Living

and Growing series and input from the class teacher.

Nowadays there is a vast amount of information about relationships and sex on the

internet, on TV, in magazines, etc. which young people may have access to, all of which can

make an already confusing time seem even more complicated!

If young people can start their transition into adulthood with good information and the

confidence and knowledge to understand what is happening to them, they will hopefully grow

into confident and healthy adults able to make positive choices. This can start with learning

the basics about growing up and the sessions in school will reinforce anything you are

already doing at home.

Human reproduction, sexual health, relationships and puberty education are important

issues which concern us all. As with all areas of the curriculum teachers aim to answer

children’s questions in a frank and honest manner and are best placed to decide at what

level any discussion should be aimed for the class as a whole, small groups or the individual

children. We would welcome your support in the successful delivery of this programme.

Please feel free to contact the class teacher if you have any concerns or queries, or if you

would like to view some of the resources and materials used.

In our next lesson we shall be looking at the life cycle of humans and we would be very

grateful if your child could bring in a photo of themselves as a baby for one of our

activities. The photographs will be looked after and returned to you safely.

Thank you,

Year 5 team


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