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Preparing For Yr 6 Stats

Dear Parents and Carers,

As I am sure you are aware, Year 6 SATs are fast approaching and your child is busy

revising the appropriate areas of the curriculum. During the ‘run up’, it is imperative

that your child is at school on time and has full attendance as anything they miss during

this next two week period cannot be made up easily. In preparation for the SATs week,

we ask that you ensure your child is having plenty of rest and is revising and completing

any homework set. We are mindful that your child may be feeling anxious about the

tests and we ask that you support them by explaining the need to remain calm and

positive, and that we only expect them to try their best!

SATs week runs from Monday 9 th May to Thursday 12 th May – a full timetable can be

seen overleaf. SATs are statutory therefore, if you have any issues with these dates

or your child is ill on one of these dates you must contact the school immediately. The

school will need to ensure that alternative arrangements are made for your child to

take the test at another time.

In the week prior to SAT’s the school will be offering ‘Breakfast bars’ to the Yr 6

children. During the week of the SAT’s, the school will also provide a free breakfast

club for all Year 6 children to attend, if they wish to do so. This will help us to further

support the children in remaining as calm and positive as possible before the tests

begin. School will be open for Year 6 from 8.15am, and children are to use the Year 5

and 6 entrance to go into the hall where breakfast will be served. Breakfast will

include; toast with a variety of toppings, a selection of cereal, fresh fruit juice and hot

drinks. Please actively encourage your child to attend the ‘SATs Breakfast Club’ not

only for the social aspect but it also gives staff an opportunity to settle any nerves or

answer last minute questions that your child might have at the start of each day. If

your child has any allergies, please let the school office know.

Many thanks

The Year 6 Team


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