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Tag Rugby Festival

Conifers Primary School arrived dressed in "All Blacks" to represent the Kiwis at the Tag Rugby Festival...

Tag Rugby festival at Weymouth Rugby club 18/09/15

Written and delivered in assembly by Sophie Harper and Miss Smith:

The sun was shining, it was a beautiful day for Rugby. Conifers arrived, dressed in all black,

representing the kiwis. People already started to watch us and speculate regarding our intimating

presence and obvious impending sporting prowess.

All school that were involved were allocated a country and had to represent that country how we

saw fit. We had New Zealand and thought that we could not pass up the opportunity and so we

learnt the haka! Led by our very intimidating captains Lawrence Goodrick (Year 4) and Korey Saye

(Year 6).

We performed the haka at the start of our matches and watched as our opponents trembled when

faced with our scary performance.

Year 4 (written and delivered in assembly by Tommy Dalton and Miss Smith)

Our first match was against Dorchester middle school, and they looked big! But this did not deter

us, we fought hard, dodged and weaved with some amazing try's from the legendary Tommy D and

twinkle toes- Dan Heath. It wasn't until afterwards that we discovered that half of their team were

year 7 and 8 secondary children. So for us to get some tries past them is something to be proud of.

Part way through the game the heavens opened and the rain came!!!! This, however, did not

dampen our spirits and we fought on. Not once did our heads go down. Unfortunately we didn't

make it through to the finals but then joined in a friendly competition with some of the other schools

that didn't get through. We were again asked to perform our haka.

Our sportsmanship and fun factor was mentioned by the other schools and organisers, our teams

did themselves and conifers proud.

Year 6 (written and delivered in assembly by Brooke Hepburn, Korey Saye and Miss


Coached and managed by their biggest fan Mr West, hakaed their way to their first match against

Wyke Regis. A formidable opponent, the match was intense. Some fancy footwork from Korey V

and Tiernan Moss resulted in some early tries but Wyke proved to be the more experienced team.

We did not let our heads go down as we were having too much fun, almost as much as Mr West,

Miss Smith and Mrs Wilson.

This festival was an introduction to tag rugby and to celebrate the Rugby World Cup as the first

match started on the same day, Friday.

We are going to follow the Rugby World Cup as a school and each class are involved in a

sweepstake to follow a particular country in the competition. We also have a wall chart outside year

4 which will be updated so that we can track and follow the matches and scores.


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