7 a Side Football Tournament

The Boys and Girls Football teams had a wet and windy day up at Redlands for the annual 7 aside Tournament. The newly formed girls team did extremely well and showed a 'never give up' attitude. The boys narrowly missed out on a spot in the semi-finals, losing just 2 group games.

Conifers Compete in the first Tri-Cup Sports

Conifers, Southill and Bincombe Valley Primary Schools held their first competition for the Tri-Cup on Friday. The children all enjoyed playing different variations of bench ball, showing fantastic sportsmanship and teamwork.

Year 2 Visit the Safewise Centre

Year 2 had a great time at Safewise learning how to stay safe and what to do in the event of a fire. They thoroughly enjoyed watching a real fire in a kitchen and crawling underneath smoke. They spotted hazards in the home and also thought of escape plans. As well as thinking about fire safety, they were able to take part in traffic awareness activities. Well done Year 2 - excellent learning! Miss Anthony & Miss Treweek.

Beech Class Visit Weymouth Outdoor Activities Centre

Beech class enjoyed a fantastic afternoon at WOEC. The children challenged themselves by taking part in caving and rock climbing on the outside tower. The class showed their LEARN skills, especially not giving up!

Stone Age Impact Day in Beech Class

Beech class enjoyed a morning of Stone Age activities to immerse themselves in their topic. They started the day off by making some Stone Age bread with flour, water and some foraged fruits. The children made such a mess, but we all helped to tidy the classroom up! We then went out into the forest school area to make a natural paintbrush for our cave paintings. The children then had a go at creating their own version, drawing people hunting animals. Finally the children attempted to make Stonehenge with Bourbon biscuits in teams. The developed their team work skills and many found it tricky. We will be trying to re-create it out of clay next week! Thank you to all the parents for sending in

Y2 Art Mixing Colours

I can mix paint to create secondary colours. I can create tints and tones with white and black. Year 2 have been learning about the three primary colours and how to mix them to make secondary colours. We also learnt that if we add white or black to a colour it becomes a different shade.

Y2 Impact Day - Fire & Rescue Visit

Year 2 enjoyed a visit from Dorset Fire and Rescue Service. They listened to the story ‘The Dragon Came For Tea’ and learnt about the role of The Fire Service. They were able to demonstrate ‘stop, drop and roll’ to put out a fire and also enjoyed a visit from the fire engine. Our impact day directly linked with our Topic for this half term; ‘The Great Fire of London’.

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