Yr 5 Human Reproduction & Relationships

Dear Parent/Carer, Sessions on Human Reproduction & Relationships As part of the school’s Science and Jigsaw programme your child is soon to receive lessons on human reproduction, sexual health, relationships and puberty, which will include videos from the BBC Sex & Relationships Education DVD/ BBC Growing Up DVD/ Channel 4 Living and Growing series and input from the class teacher. Nowadays there is a vast amount of information about relationships and sex on the internet, on TV, in magazines, etc. which young people may have access to, all of which can make an already confusing time seem even more complicated! If young people can start their transition into adulthood with good information a

Preparing For Yr 6 Stats

Dear Parents and Carers, As I am sure you are aware, Year 6 SATs are fast approaching and your child is busy revising the appropriate areas of the curriculum. During the ‘run up’, it is imperative that your child is at school on time and has full attendance as anything they miss during this next two week period cannot be made up easily. In preparation for the SATs week, we ask that you ensure your child is having plenty of rest and is revising and completing any homework set. We are mindful that your child may be feeling anxious about the tests and we ask that you support them by explaining the need to remain calm and positive, and that we only expect them to try their best! SATs week runs f

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