Attendance Award 

The winners of our attendance award, for the second week in a row, were the children of Larch class who achieved 99.3%.

Runners-up were Redwood.

Well done to both classes.

Stars of The Week


            Y2- Lucas W

            Y4- Gavin

            Y5- Maddox



            Y2- Matty L

            Y3-Emily M

           and Jacob D

            Y4- Abbie ES

            Y5- Joey C

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Interactive Games!

Welcome to Conifers Primary School!

On behalf of myself, the governors, staff and pupils

I would like to welcome you to our website.

Conifers Primary is a Rights Respecting School and a THRIVE school – which means our ethos is driven by putting the rights of the child at the heart of everything we do and everything we do is based around supporting the social and emotional development of every child using the THRIVE approach.  We are committed to improving the children’s well-being and nurturing their abilities, to ensure every one of our pupils flourishes.  



At Conifers Primary, we create a welcoming, safe and caring environment, where all relationships are based on mutual kindness, trust and respect.


Our Learning Charter underpins all that we do. Pupils and staff alike thrive by 



Asking questions, 

Responding and

Never giving up.



I hope you find our website informative and useful. It should provide you with a convenient reference point. What it is not able to do, is provide you with that all important 'feeling' that our school generates. So please, do take the time to visit and experience first hand what it is we are doing to prepare your child for a world full of adventure, diversity, challenge and change.


Mr Andrew Johnson


Safer Internet Day 2020

Safer Internet Day 2020.jpg

“The internet is an incredible tool. It gives young people a wealth of knowledge and opportunity at their fingertips but at the same time it adds new pressures on young people in ways we couldn’t have imagined even a few years ago.

It’s important that we provide pupils with the knowledge and information they need to seize those opportunities but also recognise the challenges, which is why the online safety aspect of our new Relationship, Sex and Health Education is key.”                                          School Standards Minister Nick Gibb

The pupils at Conifers will be engaging in a day of activities based on discovering the wonders of the Internet and how to stay safe whilst using it. Watch out for more on our activities here. In the meantime please do click on the icon (above left) to visit the Safer Internet Day site for more information and activities.

Click here to see what we've been learning.

November 14, 2019

For the first Team Day of this academic year we took inspiration from the fact that the indigenous peoples of America celebrate their tradition, cultures and history at this time of year. The children made totem poles, dream catchers, and designed tribal tattoos as a part of our Team Day. They also shared the old Cherokee legend of the Two Wolves and discussed the feelings which battle inside of them. 

All the children seemed t...

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Our Autumn Team Day
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We are a rights repecting school
We are kind and polite,
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